Friday, September 9, 2011


December is joyous; I love to celebrate Jesus’ birth with an advent wreath, scripture reading and hymn singing in the candle light. The rest of the winter reminds me of that Campbell’s soup commercial where the snowman sits down and starts eat soup then melts into a delightful little plaid clad boy. Homey and warm.

March to May I am outside digging in my own dirt. After all, I have been planning gardens and landscape themes since February. The happiness of children playing outside without having to worry about losing fingers to frostbite.

June-August is jam packed! Our days are filled with play dates, Vacation Bible School, swimming pools and library programs. Moonlight movies, camping and trips to the zoo all while trying to avoid heat stroke and mosquitoes.

Then there is September. Just when the outdoor temperature is comfortable, the apples ripen for picking and the smell of kettle corn fills the air. That is when I am ready to roam. Oh, how I adore driving down a country road, window down, and eye’s surveying the country side, heart thrilling at hidden creeks or quick little peeks of ancient farm houses down a dirt road.
Every weekend is a treat! We enjoy stopping by Weston Red Barn Farm to gaze at the gorgeous piece of land before buying a peck of apples. Strolling thru Weston, Mo shops hoping to find a small treasure then watching our kids playing in the park behind center of town. Hopping in the car and heading a couple of miles away to Atchison, KS looking at all the neat old houses. The thrill of standing on a dock watching as the mighty MO floats, swiftly past.
And all the festivals! Oh my! Jamesport, Mo Heritage Days and Amish Quilt shows, Weston’s Applefest, fall on the farm at Watkins Mill State Park. Louisburg, Ks Ciderfest just to name a few.
I am very happily situated among all these fun places to visit and I cannot wait to start day tripping!

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